Watch the Webinar: Inventory Management in Consumer Products

In today’s fast-paced consumer products landscape, staying ahead demands innovative solutions. In case you missed it, watch as our panel of experts delve deep into an insightful discussion on automation and all things inventory.

Topics include:

  • Latest trends and challenges
  • Embracing Artificial Intelligence
  • How automation is reshaping the industry
  • Protecting the Golden Goose

Watch the Webinar Here

On June 13, we held a webinar on Inventory Management that addressed the latest trends and challenges in the supply chain industry, the impact of AI and automation, and how to optimize operations.  We had an overwhelming amount of questions come in after the webinar, and with that, we’d like to invite you to join us once more as our experts come together for a live Q&A session on July 11 at 2 PM EST.  Here you’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions in real-time or submit them in advance.

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