Three Reasons To Start Using A Financial Planner

Although many people take advantage of the services of a financial planner, some aren’t sure when they should make an appointment with one. An individual’s situation and lifestyle may vary from that of their friends and family members, and it is not always clear when one should contact a planner to use their services. A Clifton NJ financial planning firm can assist with helping individuals secure their future by working now, to start planning for savings, job changes, and even the expansion of one’s family. Here are three reasons to use one, and when to call them.


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When Getting Married Or Having Children


If an individual is considering marriage, having children, or expanding (or even decreasing) their family dynamic in any way, it is useful to have a financial planner. For individuals getting married or divorced, a planner can let them know what ways they can ensure financial success with (or without) their spouse, and how to set aside money to begin a college fund for any children they are expecting. Financial planners can alert individuals to things they might not have considered before, or might not be aware of, such as if the individual would benefit from sharing assets with a new partner, or if they live in a community property state, and how they should consider handling those finances.


When An Individual Does Not Have a Solid Idea How To Best Equip Themselves For Their Future


Some people might have an idea of how they would like to spend their future, such as retiring by age 50, or having several homes, but no idea of how to get there. In this case, Clifton NJ financial planning can be a great deal of help in showing them how to get on that path. A financial planner can advise young people who want to retire by a certain age what steps to take in order to do so, such as how much money they should be striving to make per year, or how they will want to divide their investments to get the best ROI. By having the advice of a professional who has helped other individuals take similar steps, it can be easy to formulate a plan that will work with one’s lifestyle, while helping them achieve the goals they are striving for in life.


When An Individual Has A Collection Of Different Investments But No Plan


Over time, individuals might have accumulated several different investments. This can include investing in stock that was trendy at the time, or having different accounts from jobs over the years. Having all these investments might be a positive, but unless they are rolled over, combined, or sold for better stock, it may not be helping the individual make the most of their money. A financial planner can show how they can use these investments to the best of their ability, and make more money than if there were several accounts scattered. No matter what one’s goals are, there are always ways they can make the most of and improve investments.

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