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Deena B. Rosendahl

Deena B. Rosendahl, ESQ.

Partner, Kaufman Semeraro & Leibman, LLP

Expertise: HR Consulting



Deena has over 20 years of experience in employment law, commercial litigation and commercial transactions. Her extensive experience includes working with various companies in all aspects of employment and labor issues as well as complex commercial transaction and litigation.

Ms. Rosendahl works with a number of companies in employment related claims, including wrongful termination, CEPA violations, harassment, discrimination and violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). She advises employers on day to day employment related issues such as managing leaves of absences, wage and hour concerns, proper classification of employees and preventing and responding to claims of harassment and discrimination. Ms. Rosendahl also designs and delivers various training programs including but not limited to anti-harassment/discrimination training, FLSA compliance and legal updates for internal HR professionals. Ms. Rosendahl also negotiates and drafts employment contracts, offer letters, separation agreements and creates employee handbooks and policies that ensure companies are complying with state and federal laws and regulations.

In her commercial litigation and transactional work, she represents corporate clients prosecuting and defending complex commercial litigation claims of promissory estoppel, fraud/consumer fraud act, general and vicarious liability, breach of contract, negligence and other tort claims. She also negotiates, reviews and drafts various business contracts including commercial lease agreements, license agreements, franchisee/franchisor agreements, service contracts, shareholder agreements and others.

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