Tax Consulting For Your Business

It is the end of the year, and that means it is time for individuals and businesses to begin making their tax preparations. By using modern tax preparation software, more individuals than ever before are able to file their taxes without the help of a tax professional. Individuals who are self-employed or in otherwise complex tax-filing situations may still be inclined to seek out professional tax help. The good news for individuals in most situations is that most of their tax preparation and stress can be limited to this window of time at the end of one year and the beginning of another. The rest of the year, they don’t need to think so much about taxes. For businesses, however, tax preparation may not be so limited. Many businesses seek the help of Clifton NJ tax consulting professionals for different reasons and at different points of the year. To better understand if your business might require the services of a tax consulting professional, this list of possible business tax consulting services may be beneficial.


Advisory & Transactions


Many tax professionals assist businesses in capacities related to advisory and transactions. Tax advisory professionals assist businesses at all levels, including corporations and international businesses, by providing tax advice. Usually these tax professionals have professional specializations in the industry a particular business operates. These tax professionals may provide strategic tax reviews to ensure that a business’s tax practices are in accordance with both IRS rules and regulations and the business’s best interest. Business tax professionals who work in the field of transactions deal with the various processes related to transactional activity. These include business reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, liquidations and IPOs. Like tax advisory specialists, tax professionals who focus on business transactions will often further specialize in an industry like real estate or energy. This specialization allows the tax professional to keep pace with and focus on the complex and ever-changing industry-specific tax environment.


Tax Management Consulting


Tax management consulting involves a business tax professional providing a business with services that usually involve an organization operating in multiple jurisdictions. This can be a complicated tax situation for a business, so complicated that it is often worth it for them to invest in tax management consultants who can make sure the business’s tax situation is operating as efficiently as possible.


Other Services



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Other business tax services include things like income tax planning, state & local tax consulting, R&E tax credits, employee benefit planning with a focus on tax advantages, cost segregation studies focused on tax savings, LIFO studies, tax controversy representation and many more. The general aim of any good business tax professional is how to best reduce a business’s tax liability. Because business owners need to be able to focus on increasing the income and growth of their business, they often rely on business tax professionals to handle both routine and complex tax situations. It may be advisable to seek out a financial services firm with an entire tax department and a staff within the department maintaining areas of expertise in your industry.

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