SALT Financial Reporting Considerations

Properly addressing uncertain tax positions is at the heart of all tax reporting. Given the nature of SALT, with the everchanging statutes, court precedents and taxpayers’ everchanging fact patterns, SALT is an arena filled with uncertainty. Properly identifying, addressing, and measuring the significance of such uncertain tax positions, in accordance with ASC 740, is critical to accurate and confident financial reporting.

New York Amends PTET Tax and Implements New York City PTET Election

The deadline to make the revised New York State (“NYS”) pass-through entity tax (“PTET”) election…

New Jersey Convertible Virtual Currency

In today’s financial landscape, uncertainty is at the forefront of most people’s minds. This is…

COVID-19 Paid Leave Tax Credits for Self-Employed Individuals

Are you self-employed? If so, you may be eligible for a refundable tax credit of…

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