Financial Statement Audits, Review & Compilations

Financial Statement Audits

For privately held companies, a financial statement audit offers an independent look at your financial performance for shareholders and management. It can also identify areas where your business can improve controls or operations, and either validate or allow you to further enhance the quality of your processes.

Sax advisors rely on a financial statement audit to capture a full understanding of your business’s position in order to provide appropriate guidance and deliver proactive solutions to enhance operations and shareholder value.


A review of your financial statements provides limited assurance but can be a cost-effective alternative to a full financial statement audit. It relies on Sax advisors knowing the right questions to ask to get a firm understanding of your company, and applying analytics to provide stakeholders with the financial data necessary to make informed business decisions.


Through Sax’s compilation of your financial statements, we can assist management in obtaining a high-level peek into your business at the lowest level of assurance. Compilations involve gaining a general understanding of your business, accounting principles used and financial reporting systems, and can be leveraged to privately determine the profitability of specific products and/or services and evaluate expenses.

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