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Joy Matak, JD, LLM

Joy E. Matak


Parsippany, NJ
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Service Leader

Lawrence M. Gradzki, CPA, JD, LLM

Lawrence Gradzki


Parsippany, NJ
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Fiduciary & Trust Tax Compliance

The administration of a trust or estate is a year-round endeavor involving multifaceted tax issues. As a fiduciary, we understand that you have a myriad of important responsibilities with little room for error.

At Sax, our team of highly trained and experienced trust and estate professionals help fiduciaries to comply with technical state and federal reporting requirements and control the costs associated with your fiduciary obligations. Sax advisors are conversant in complex and changing tax laws so that we can identify and implement efficiencies for timely filing, limit the risk of errors and penalties, minimize taxes and maximize opportunities for continued asset protection and wealth preservation.

Sax provides a broad spectrum of administration services on behalf of trusts and estates, employing a highly experienced team of professionals with wide-ranging experience. Our goal is to provide the hands-on support that our clients need to oversee their assets in an effective and efficient manner. We can help you save time and support a positive return on investment.

Our services include:

  • Tax return preparation, including federal Form 1041 and related federal tax forms
  • Charitable trust administration and compliance
  • State and local fiduciary income tax returns in all U.S. jurisdictions, including evaluation and advice for when such filings might be required
  • Income tax and estate tax minimization planning
  • Evaluating options for making distributions to minimize overall tax liability
  • Valuation of closely held business interests
  • Communications with fiduciaries, attorneys, and other advisors to ensure that tax return filings will complement the planning
  • Preparation of fiduciary accountings for trusts and estates

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