Cybersecurity & Managed IT

Technology continues to advance the way we work, communicate, and supports almost every business function. It is important to acknowledge and embrace our new capabilities while understanding the significant dangers they pose.

Sax Technology Advisors (STA), a provider of Cybersecurity and Managed IT Services, shields clients from threats while ensuring they are fully functional and productive at all times. Sax Technology Advisors offers business management solutions to ensure your every technology need is met.

Sax Technology Advisors can help a business establish a robust security posture by performing critical IT management functions, implementing security awareness training programs and policies, and ensuring a company is holistically secure and properly managed from all angles.  Sax Technology Advisors performs all of these tasks by leveraging the industry’s most sophisticated tools and resources, and with in-depth knowledge and capabilities to protect your company and address potential issues before they impact your business.

It all starts with a complimentary, detailed network assessment to identify, prioritize and remedy the gaps in the following areas:

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Sax Technology Advisors’ team of experts will help you plan for the unexpected and provide solutions to safeguard your business from IT disasters and/or a cybersecurity breach.  If a disaster or significant event were to occur, STA will be there to ensure critical business functions are fully available, there is no loss of data and you return to regular business activities with minimal downtime.

Managed IT Services

Sax Technology Advisors provides 24/7 monitoring and management of your company’s IT environment (network, business platforms, workstations, etc.).  Monitoring agents will proactively alert our Network Operations Center (NOC) whenever there is an issue such as loss of internet connectivity, hardware and/or software failure, or lagging remote environments so you never miss a beat. Working alongside your staff or as an outsourced IT department, STA provides remote and on-site IT solutions and an around the clock help desk for your total support and peace of mind.


We build multiple layers of protection for your organization from the outside-in. Your employees are on the front line when it comes to external threats, and with 6 billion people expected to be affected by cyber attacks in the coming years, it is mission critical that you are properly trained on best practices to protect your organization. STA can assist in performing vulnerability tests and penetration tests, which provide invaluable insight as to the true state of your network and your existing security posture.  In addition, we can develop internal policies, procedures and various security awareness training programs to protect your organization from within.

Cloud Services

Deciding on a cloud strategy is a high priority for many organizations looking to make the most of technology while minimizing their on-premise technology footprint. Sax Technology Advisors can help migrate many critical business functions to the cloud which provides enhanced stability, security and scalability when compared to building out the solutions on-site. Leveraging cloud-based solutions can provide a business with the ability to make the most of their technological investments while minimizing the need for a staff to manage them.

Technical / Project Services

In addition to our proactive technology services, Sax Technology Advisors can be leveraged for various business projects like email migrations, server upgrades and much more. By allowing our staff to act as your technology team, you gain incredible knowledge and people power at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time staff.

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