Our consulting services provide clients with the guidance, assistance and systems necessary to grow their businesses in every economic climate. We work with companies in all industries to achieve sustainable improvements and real cost savings. Areas of focus include:

Organizational Effectiveness

To become a highly effective organization requires more than the right corporate structure. Today’s economy requires efficiency, accountability and results from all resources and activities. Sax consultants help clients identify their organizational strengths and weaknesses and develop formal plans to position corporate cultures for unprecedented results. Our change management tools focus on the following areas:

  • Performance Management & Accountability
  • Staff Assessments & Succession Planning
  • Culture & Behavior Transformations
  • Productivity Reports
  • Effective Meetings & Communication

Lean-Continuous Improvement

Organizations that want to compete and excel in the ever-changing marketplace must insure that all of their resources are adding value to their products and services. By implementing a Lean-Continuous Improvement culture, we help our clients make the most efficient use of capital: people (talent), equipment (systems) and materials.

Successful companies are ones that deliver high-quality products and services at the lowest possible cost — where and when the customer or client wants it.

To get the competitive advantage, a company must learn how to:

  • Compete with the best of companies
  • Create a world-class organization
  • Deliver the highest quality services & products
  • Produce at the lowest possible cost
  • Develop a simple business with a clear plan
  • Deliver products and services on-time
  • Focus on Quality, Price, Delivery

Sax’s Lean Program uses six sigma tools to eliminate defects within an organization. Our process includes:

  • Mistake Proofing
  • Self-Directed and Cross-Functional Teams
  • Workouts
  • Flexibility through Training
  • Succession Planning

Strategic Planning

No business is too small to implement a strategic business plan and chart a course for long-term success. By proactively looking at the big, long-term picture and enabling your management to excel, your organization can succeed even in the most challenging phases of the business cycle.

Our advisors provide expert insight and guidance on creating and achieving a corporate vision, reinventing business models and executing mergers and acquisitions, among other strategic planning services.