We get it, the expectations on CFO’s these days are…well, very high. If you’re using an Accounting firm that only engages you once or twice a year – we’re here to help.

At Sax we are businesspeople with expertise in accounting, not the other way around. That’s an important distinction because it should be the job of your firm to enable you to grow through collaborative consulting…not just putting numbers in boxes.

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I am Leon Grassi, and I have spent half of my 20-year career in the IT services industry. I’m not kidding, check me out here. I am looking for a chance to chat, to learn more about your business and to see if there is a chance that Sax can be of value to you. Yes, I’m asking for a “sales call”, but we don’t sell services – we sell outcomes. We are a top 100 firm in the nation with 230 employees in 15 states and a brand-new international presence.

Let’s connect, I assure you it will be time well spent.

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    The technology industry has grown at the pace of Moore’s Law itself and with that growth comes unique challenges and constant change. Supply chain shortages, global inflation, the hybrid work model, employee retention, and the steady revenue shift from on-prem software/services to SaaS and Cloud – all challenges that we can face together.

    Let Sax help to guide you, and help to bring the right resources to bear for your business.

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