Sax Technology Advisors Webinar Series

Launched by accounting, tax and advisory leader Sax LLP, Sax Technology Advisors provides sophisticated solutions and expertise to protect organizations from threats while ensuring they are fully functional and productive at all times.


Join us as we dive into what Sax Technology Advisors is all about from our service offerings, engagement process, service delivery methods, and the value we bring to businesses by safeguarding networks, data and clients.


No two organizations are completely alike, and Sax Technology Advisors takes a consultative approach to identify and provide a specific IT strategy to protect your company and its most valuable asset – your people. Please review the webinar topics below, and register for the sessions most meaningful to you and your organization:

Sax Technology Advisors Overview
Recorded Webinar

Key Objectives: Meet Matt Hahn, Leader of Sax Technology Advisors and an instrumental voice in the technology community as he provides an overview on how Sax Technology Advisors delivers value to organizations by providing robust technology solutions tailored to your specific business; Learn about our service offerings, our engagement process, our support capabilities, and more.

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Recorded Webinar


Key Objectives: Your business requires multiple layers of protection from the outside-in and the inside-out; Learn how Sax Technology Advisors will secure your network and data to shield you from external threats while educating your people and implementing policies to protect your organization from within.

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Recorded Webinar


Key Objectives: If disaster strikes, are you able to successfully recover data? How quickly can your operations be back up and running? Learn how to prepare for unforeseen disruptions such as power failures, IT crashes, natural disasters, human error, and more and how Sax Technology Advisors can dilute damage, ensure data recovery and minimal downtime.

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Cloud Services
Recorded Webinar

Key Objectives: The cloud is here to stay and provides great benefits to an organization. Learn how Sax Technology Advisors can assist your business in migrating many critical business functions to the cloud to provide enhanced stability, security, scalability and allows you to maximize efficiencies and productivity.

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Managed IT Services
Recorded Webinar


Key Objectives: Learn how you can leverage Sax Technology Advisors as your IT partner to proactively monitor systems, perform necessary IT functions, implement security techniques and provide ongoing support either working alongside your current IT staff or as an outsourced IT department.

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