Sax Employee Spotlight: Schoenstani Gil

This March, we would like to shine the Sax Spotlight on Tax Intern, Schoenstani Gil, who has continued to flourish in her time here at Sax. At only 20 years of age, Schoe has accomplished so much in her personal life and while at Sax. She is currently a junior at William Paterson University, studying Accounting and Financial Planning. Right out of high school, Schoe was hired as an Administrative Intern at Sax when many other students her age were nowhere near ready to focus on their careers.  Schoe is known as a “rock star” around the firm, and her continued dedication to her responsibilities landed her a promotion from Administrative Intern to Tax Intern in January of 2018.

Schoe is a leader among her peers, and continues to build a reputation at the firm for her hard work ethic, pleasant demeanor and always delivering a job well done. With such an early grasp on her career, clear goals for her future and expanding recognition through scholarships and promotions, Schoe will truly be a force in the industry and she is a young professional worth watching!  We are lucky to have her as a team member at Sax.


Get to know more about Schoe with our Q&A:

Where do you go to school and what is your major?


I go to William Paterson University and I major in Accounting and Financial Planning. I’m expected to graduate in May 2019.

When did you start working at Sax?


I started working at Sax in July of 2015. It was the summer after I graduated high school and going into my freshman year of college. I was hired as an Administrative Intern but was recently promoted to Tax Intern in January of 2018.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities at Sax?


Every day when I come into work, I check my schedule and make sure that I am on track with the preparation of tax returns or projects that have been assigned to me. I communicate with managers to confirm that we have all the information needed to begin to prepare our clients’ tax returns. I also keep track of any missing information that we will need and share it with the manager on the account so we can reach out to the client. Aside from that, I still try my best to help the admin team when they have questions or need an extra hand.

What have you learned since your time at Sax?


I’ve learned more than I could have imagined within the past 3 years at Sax. From my time as an Admin Intern, I’ve learned how to submit stationary orders and receive office shipments, assist the Client Support Associates with admin tasks and team members with questions about new programs or admin procedures in the office. I have also gained experience in providing customer service to our clients and even helping plan and organize corporate events. Overall, I’ve learned the true meaning and importance of time management and organizational skills, as well as team building and leadership skills. Becoming a Tax Intern this tax season has taught me how to efficiently prepare taxes and keep up in a fast-paced environment.

Explain some of your biggest achievements while working at Sax.


One major accomplishment I am proud of has been deciding to get work experience and prepare for my future at a young age. Most people my age are not really worrying about it yet, but I knew my career was something I looked forward to and could not wait to explore. I’ve received numerous “Great Cards” at the firm within the last few years for internal recognition of my hard work and dedication to my responsibilities. However, I would say my biggest accomplishment at Sax would be being promoted from an Administrative Intern to a Tax Intern because it is more of my focus and the direction that I am headed in, and I’m grateful that Sax has allowed me to grow.

Explain some of your biggest achievements in life.


I think my biggest achievement was recently receiving a $6,000 scholarship from NJCPA for the upcoming academic year. I had to apply for the scholarship and go through an interview process with three Certified Public Accountants. Requirements for the interview included a minimum 3.2 GPA, being an accounting major and at least 12+ credits in Accounting earned.  I exceeded this criteria with a 3.8 GPA, in addition to making the Dean’s List every semester since my freshman year which allowed me to stand out from the other applicants. I have a lot more professional experience than most students my age and mentioning that I’ve worked for Sax LLP for 3+ years definitely impressed the interviewers. Since entering college, I’ve worked so hard in both school and in my work life, so I am very proud of this achievement.

Do you have a vision or goal for your career?


My goal is to graduate in May of 2019 and immediately acquire a job at a public accounting firm. I plan to get my CPA license right after graduation and work on getting a Masters in Taxation. My ultimate aspiration would be to continue to work for and move up the ladder at Sax LLP with a focus in Tax. I continue to learn something new here every day and I am constantly motivated by the leaders of the firm. One day, I would love to be in a leadership role at Sax helping other young individuals like myself develop their careers and meet their highest potential.

What organizations are you involved in?


At WPU, I’m a part of the Chi Omicron Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, National Society of Leadership and Success, Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honor Society, Pesce Mentoring Institute as a Mentee, and I was recently chosen to be a William Paterson Legacy Scholar Delegate.

What volunteer work and/or charities do you participate in?


Some of the volunteer and charity events I’ve participated in with Sax have been building homes for Paterson’s Habitat for Humanity and our annual 4 Miler at Garret Mountain walk/run event in support of St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. Outside of Sax, I’ve participated in Women of Oasis Care Packages with Alpha Kappa Psi and Resume Building and Mock Interviews with high school students at Passaic County Technical Institute, where I graduated from in 2015.

What are some other interesting facts about you?


I was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the United States when I was four years old, and I speak fluent Spanish. Back in high school, I competed with a team from my Academy of Finance class for the Passaic County Consumer Bowl and we won 1st place, as well as the Federal Reserve Challenge where we won 4th place. Since entering college, I’ve been working to pay off my tuition and I will be a first-generation college graduate in my family, so I am really excited about that.

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