Sax Employee Spotlight: Gregg Munn

This month, we are proud to shine our Sax Spotlight on Gregg Munn, Jr., who joined the Sax Wealth Advisors team in October of 2017 when Sax acquired The GM Financial Group. Once a member of Sax, Gregg quickly demonstrated his expertise and strong work ethic, in addition to his dedication to white-glove service for his clients.  Gregg was promoted to Wealth Advisor at the beginning of July this year because of these stellar attributes.

Guy McPhail, Principal at Sax Wealth Advisors who works closely with Gregg, describes him as a person you want to have on your side. Guy says he has a can-do attitude and a positive personality, which makes clients want to work with him. He knows that when Gregg says he will do something he will get it done successfully and on time, and he can always count on him to deliver what the client wants and needs.

Gregg has a determined mindset, and some of his noteworthy accomplishments include passing the CPA exam, obtaining his Masters in Accounting, and becoming a Certified Financial Planner™.





Read our Q&A to learn more about Gregg:

1. What college did you attend? What was your major?


I went to Florida State University where I double majored in Accounting and Finance. Then I went on to further my education at the University of Northern Florida where I obtained my Masters in Accounting.

2. Do you have any credentials?


I received both my CPA and CFP licenses. They were two of the hardest exams I have had to take and although I spent so much time and effort studying for them, I’m glad I challenged myself and passed both tests.

3. When did you start working at Sax?


I started working for Sax Wealth Advisors in October of 2017 when the company I worked for, The GM Financial Group, was acquired by Sax.

3. What is your current title at Sax?

I was just promoted to Wealth Advisor in July, which I am really excited about and I look forward to continuing to grow here at the firm.

4. What are your day-to-day responsibilities at Sax? What do you specialize in?

Some of my responsibilities include rebalancing and analyzing client and prospect investments. A large chunk of my time is dedicated to client management and service, and always being available to answer a multitude of different questions our clients may have. As a CPA, I also focus on tax preparation and tax planning for clients during the busy season.

5. What is a positive change you have experienced since Sax’s acquisition? 

Since the acquisition, the transition from a small team to a larger, dynamic firm has been great. We now have a wealth of resources including different advisors in different locations, a leading CPA firm with in-depth expertise, and regular meetings with our larger team so we can be more strategic and everyone is informed and up-to-date which I think is very important. We also now have several new technology tools that our clients can leverage, like our bond trading desk for example. Also, our new capabilities to communicate with colleagues, clients, prospects, etc. from anywhere really makes my job easier. Sax has allowed me the opportunity to move to Florida to be closer to my family because of my 8-month-old daughter which I am very appreciative of. With the technology and resources that Sax has to offer, the distance does not impact my work, and I still travel to NJ at least once a month to meet with clients.

6. Explain some of your biggest achievements in your career.




My biggest achievement has been passing my CPA and CFP exams. Both tests were a major hurdle to get over, but it has benefited both my clients and myself by obtaining those credentials.

7. Do you have a vision or goal for your career?

My goal is to work up the ladder and become a Partner at Sax. I would love to assist in expanding our presence and opening new offices. My main goal is to obviously help as many people as I can with achieving their financial goals and their retirement. If I could help every person I would!

8. Are there any other interesting facts about you outside of your work life?



Right now, I am kept extremely busy with our 8-month old daughter. In my free time, I love to watch sports, enjoy time with friends and family, and visit new places. I come from a close-knit family which is the main reason why my wife and I decided to move back to Florida. After having our first daughter, we knew we wanted to be closer to home, and the extra help is always nice to have.

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