New Jersey Out-of-Network Bill Intended to Enhance Consumer Protections and Eliminate Surprise Charges

Governor Murphy recently signed The New Jersey Out-of-Network Bill (Out-of-Network Consumer Protection, Transparency, Cost Containment and Accountability Act) into law. The bill has brought much controversy and debate within the State of New Jersey over the past eight to ten years without much movement.  However, during the month of April the bill gained resurgence and passed both houses of the Legislature despite strong opposition.

The intent of the bill is to protect patients from the surprise bills from out-of-network providers when undergoing medical procedures or visits to local emergency rooms that they had no choice in selecting. The bill imposes notification and disclosure requirements regarding out-of-network providers and their respective fees prior to the patient undergoing such procedures or care.  The bill would also allow for a state-regulated binding arbitration process for the settlement of an out-of-network bill between the patient and the insurance provider.

The New Jersey Out-of-Network Bill will be sure to bring great change to patients and insurance providers.  The Healthcare advisors at Sax will continue to keep you updated on the details of the bill and updates to the healthcare sector as they emerge.

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