We have a saying here at Sax – we’re business people with expertise in accounting – not the other way around.

This is a big deal to us because Sax clients work with us because of the consulting and leadership that we provide beyond the numbers. One of our strategic differentiators is that we are willing to bring outside resources to bear for our clients, and with that we’d like to introduce you to Lion’s Pride Leadership.

The team of Lions Pride Leadership lives by the acronym L.I.S.T.E.N.:

Lifelong Learner






We were put on this earth to Awaken, Empower and Equip leaders to reach their full potential. This process most often starts with Awareness.

The main difference between leadership and business coaching is leadership coaching is about learning and applying leadership skills to influence people to follow you and your vision. Business coaching focuses on improving business systems and processes to increase business effectiveness. The truth is, you need both to be wildly successful.

Our partnership with Sax, allows you, their client, to help uncover and address the key leadership issues that are holding you back.

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