Table of Contents

p1. Competition

p1. Customers

p2. Pricing of Products

p2. Pay Rates

p3. Starting a Budget

p6. Cost of Sales

p7. Tax Impact

p8. Operations

p8. Other Considerations

p9. Conclusion

Budget and Forecasting Guide for an Emerging Cannabis Business

Creating an effective, annual budget is one of the most important steps a successful business can take as it allows you to operate within your means, identify pitfalls and ultimately generate a profit.

Within the cannabis industry, budgeting is even more important as the regulatory environment is always changing. Assumptions made in the first quarter may no longer be accurate in the second quarter as the business environment and market conditions evolve.

With 65 years of experience advising established and emerging companies, Sax Cannabis Advisors are at the forefront of the unique and complex cannabis industry.

This Budget and Forecasting Guide was designed to help a Cannabis start-up create projections that are realistic, manageable, and aligned with your company’s overall goals.

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