Helpful HOW TO Videos

person using laptop to make an online payment

See how to log into your account to make payments, see recurring invoices, or save a payment method.

man typing on laptop

See how to make a payment without logging in by looking up your client ID and invoice number.

ACH / Bank Account Method

Learn about the two ways that you can use an ACH/bank account payment method for your invoice.

New Payment Platform FAQs

What types of payment methods can I use?

You may pay via the following methods:

How do I use the new payment platform? What are my next steps?

The first step is to create a payment platform account:

  • Enter your email and create a password
  • You will receive a validation email that your account was created, and it will include a link to log in
  • Link your Sax Account to your payment platform account

How do I link my Sax Account to the new Payment Platform Account?

  • Select your name in the top right of the screen
  • Select “Add an Account” from the dropdown menu
  • Input your Sax client ID and any invoice number

Hooray! Your two accounts should now be linked.

What can I do in the new payment platform?

  • Pay single invoices or multiple invoices at once
  • Save a favorite payment method for future invoice payments
  • Schedule a recurring payment to be made to Sax

What if I need help using the payment platform?

Reference the Support Center here for helpful information. To speak to a support representative when using the payment platform, at the bottom-left of the screen there is a chat option where a live customer service representative would be happy to promptly help you.

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