Do you NOW have to file Corporate Income Tax Returns in states where you do NOT have a physical presence?

States are becoming more aggressive with requiring corporations to file corporate income tax returns, even if they have no in-state physical presence (economic nexus).  Here are the thresholds a number of nearby states have landed on with regards to requirements for filing corporate income tax returns:

  • New Jersey requires C-corporations and S-corporations to file income tax returns if they have sales attributable to New Jersey with no minimum dollar threshold.
  • New York has a threshold of $1,000,000 or more for sales attributable to New York. This applies to C-corporations and S-corporations.
  • Massachusetts recently amended their regulation to impose its corporate excise tax on taxpayers when their annual sales attributable to Massachusetts exceed $500,000. This threshold applies to C-corporations and S-corporations.
  • Pennsylvania has the same threshold as Massachusetts, but it is limited to C-corporations.

Although there is a federal protection for corporations if their in-state activities are limited to selling tangible personal property and solicitating orders for sales, this only applies to taxes based on net income.  Some states still require a corporate tax filing in order to claim the federal protection.

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