Cybersecurity Tips


As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our normal business functions, we’ve been forced to quickly adapt to operating from home and evolving security requirements. At the same time, businesses are reporting an increase in phishing attempts and hackers trying to gain access into our organizations by taking advantage of this chaotic time.

Now is the time to be more diligent than ever.  To help assist businesses remain as safe as possible in this trying time, we offer the following guidance and recommendations moving forward:

  • Issue business-owned devices for remote workers whenever possible.
  • Ensure that employees are using a secure VPN connection, especially employees who have access to company resources.
  • If an employee must use a personal computer for work, ensure proper precautions are in place such as up to date anti-malware software and security patches.
  • Remind employees to back up important files.
  • Restrict employee access to sensitive data, especially employees who do not have a secure connection to the work environment.
  • Require the use of 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) whenever possible to remotely access company resources using apps such as Google Authenticator or DUO.
  • Use strong passwords and a password app such as LastPass or 1Password.
  • Remind employees to practice safe email use and avoid opening attachments or clicking on links from untrusted senders. Additionally, advise them not to provide sensitive information via email.
  • Lock your computers when you leave your home office. Sometimes, even our kids can create challenges if they gain access to your PCs.

Below is a link to 10 short employee awareness training episodes that are relevant to those working from home. They have been placed in a “Netflix” like portal and can be shared with anyone. There is no login, viewers are not tracked, and the quiz questions are answered in a simulated fashion.



Should you have any issues or questions with regards to making your business as secure as possible, please do not hesitate to reach out to Sax’s technology arm by visiting

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