Breaking Pandemic News – Insights from the Frontlines

With breaking news unfolding on the second wave of the pandemic and vaccines in the works, we invite you to watch Sax’s very timely webinar with our esteemed speakers, Kevin Slavin, President & Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Joseph Duffy, Chief Medical Officer from St. Joseph’s Health.

Our featured guests shared an overview of the current state of the pandemic and their insights and learnings as leaders from the frontlines.

Topic points included:

  • An Inside Look

The past and current shape of our hospitals due to the pandemic

  • Observations & Takeaways

Where collaboration, innovation and resilience made the difference

  • Understanding COVID-19

What we know clinically, challenges in treatment, and what we continue to learn

  • The Near Future

Status of the surge, tracking and modeling, and how hospitals are preparing

  • The Vaccine

When will we see it, and how will it be distributed?

Watch the Webinar:  Breaking Pandemic News – Insights from the Frontlines


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